Gundam Evolution Tier list / All Characters Ranked!

gundam evolution tier list

Do you want a complete list of Gundam evolution tiers? Then this article will provide you with just that.

Are you a Gundam Evolution player or thinking of starting to play it? Then knowing which game character to choose is the most important thing. 

This is why I’m ranking all the characters in this article. Both the strongest and the weakest players will be included in the Gundam evolution tier list.

It will be easier for you to decide which character to target and which to avoid. Due to the fact that this article will be useful to you, please make sure to read it from beginning to end.

It won’t take me long to get to the point.

Gundam Evolution/ A Quick Overview

Gundam evolution is a gocha game. The new, fast-paced, and immersive Gundam Evolution game lets you pilot Mobile Suits based on the hit anime series.

The game has a large collection of characters, similar to other titles. The strongest characters are the best for the team, so you should unlock them first.

In this article, I’ll rank all of the players in Gundam Evolution.

All The Ranking Tiers

In order to rank the players, I’ll be using 5 tiers which are;


If you want to win the game, then your focus should be on the players in the S tier. Because all of the characters are the strongest and most beloved ones in this tier. 

These characters have the best traits, talents, and attributes in the game, I strongly suggest plucking them.


Many of the most powerful characters are found in tier-A, easily outperforming many other units in the game. In terms of overall skills, they are not suitable to be considered S-tier characters.


In Tier B, players are considered “above average” personalities who regularly keep an eye on the squad.


In tier C, there aren’t so many good players. These players can’t help you win competitive matches against more competitive units. Because the players lack skills and powers.


There is no point in selecting any of them since they are the worst units in the game. A high level of competition is not possible for these characters. I don’t recommend you choose any of the players from Tier D unless it’s very important.

So, I guess I’ve told you about all of the ranking tiers that I’ll use to rank all of the characters. So, keep them in mind as we’ll show the character’s weakness or strength with these tiers. I hope you got it. Let’s now get to our Gundam evolution tier list.

Gundam evolution tier list

Now, it’s time to rank all of the players on our Gundam Evolution list. Here, we’ll see which players are the best and weakest according to their strengths. 

I’ll mention the players under the heading of their tier so that you can understand whether we’re talking about the strongest or the weakest players. So, let’s dive in!

Players in Tier-S

S tier is the rank where all of the players are the best. So, let’s see what characters it has and what they’re good at.

Tier-S Players

Name of PlayerTierStrengths
Gundam BarbatosSThere are 17 characters in the game, but Gundam Barbatos is the most powerful. This character suit has 1000 health points and a maximum range of three dashes. Other skills include slashing, stuns, jumping higher, slashing with long swords, and using other skills.
Sazabi SAs soon as you decide to play Sazabi, you won’t feel exposed.  In addition to 1400 health points and a dash restriction of one, it is a close-range suit. A beam shot weapon and 1400 life points are among this character’s greatest benefits.

Players IN Tier-B

Now, it’s time to talk about the second-best players in the game in Tier-B. There are a total of six players in this tier. So, let’s discuss their strengths now.

Name of PlayerTierStrengths
GundamBGundam is the first best player in the B tier. This mid-range suit has a dash limit of two and a health point capacity of 1000. They have a range of skills, including beam-shot assaults, shields that double health, stun foes, and hammers that shred shields.
Pale RiderIf Pale Rider is used properly, it will be useful. Mid-range suits have a 1000 health point limit and a two-dash limit. An EMP bomb slows the opposition down; a Repair Pod restores comrades, and a Bullpup machine gun provides them with power.
GM Sniper IIThere is a one-dash limit on the long-range GM Sniper II suit with 800 health points. His team members can also be revived using a recovery rifle. The only drawback of the character is its meagre health points. People who dislike mid-range players will enjoy this character.
MethussWith the ability to heal all of his teammates, Methus is the best character in the B tier. As well as having 800 health points, he is restricted to two dashes. The suit he wears is midrange. As part of their skills, they have a repaired cable that aids in the recovery of injured comrades; an energy cable that reinforces their teammates’ defences; and a metamorphosis power that allows them to fly and escape danger.
Zaku II [Ranged]Gundam Evolution’s Zaku comes in two flavours: melee and ranged. Ranged variants are equipped with large Zaku machine guns, giving them a fantastic appearance. These machine gun attacks are quite effective at close range, but not so much at a distance. Zaku II is a close-ranged suit with 800 health points and a maximum of three dashes.

Players in Tier-A

Tier A also contains some of those players that can help you win this Gundam evolution game. They’re quite powerful. So, let’s talk about them now.

Name of PlayerTierStrengths
DOM Trooper
SThere are 1200 health points and a 1-dash limit on the mid-range, averagely powerful Dom trooper. It is a plus that this character has a high health point total. A Giga launcher with high power is one of their skills.

As stated earlier, the Gundam evolution is quite new. There is only one player in the A tier. I hope that this tier will be filled with more players in the future. But for now, let’s talk about the Tier C players.

Players In Tier-C

Now, it’s time to talk about the players who have been degraded the most. Even though there isn’t so much talk about them, since it’s a tier list, I must include the character from C.

Name of PlayerTierStrengths
GuntankGuntank is one of the worst characters that you can play with. It lacks skills and stretch so it can never ever help you win any match. 
Marasai Same goes for Marsai. This character isn’t capable of being selected to play the game with. This doesn’t have any sort of strength that can help you excel in the game. 

There are only two characters in the C tier. They’re not recommended at all. You can use them if you are not playing the Gundam evolution game in order to win the match.

Players In Tier-D

Tier-D is worse than Tier C. It’s an obvious thing, right? Tier D includes only one player so far which is “turn a Gundam. It’s something I’d like to discuss a bit.

Name of PlayerTierStrengths
Turn a GundamEven though Turn A Gundam has more than 1000 health points, you might not think that this is a benefit given the rest of its abilities and talents. It has a beam rifle, nanoskin that repairs your damaged suit for a short time, and an overhead throw ability that allows you to grapple an enemy in front of you and throw them into the air, leaving them stunned and damaged. You will never be able to win a game with the person you were paired with using these skills.

So, these were the Gundam evolution tier lists of all the characters. Now you know which characters are worth choosing and which aren’t. It’d be easier for you to go for the best and most powerful character after that.

The Tier List: What Is It?

A tier list is a list of those players that you can unlock, especially in a Gocha game. In this list, D categories.all of the players are ranked according to 5 tiers which are, S, A, b, C and D. 

The best ones are addBd to the categories, A categories and the weakest ones are added to the C and D. Tier lists are basically used to help you decide which character to play with in order to easily win the game.The tier list can be changed in accordance with the game’s latest update.

What is the process for choosing characters?

A lot of people ask how I know which player is the best and which player isn’t the best. So, let me tell you, I consider different factors to know what the weakest and strongest characters are.

After reviewing all feedback from players, I make changes to the game. Secondly, I try out the characters myself and then compare their strengths. This is the best way.

The tier list is usually subjective. I mean, everyone shares their personal experience in it, just like I did. So, you may like some characters that I didn’t like. There is, however, a way for you to discern what’s good and what’s wrong. However, as you play, you’ll get a sense of which character is the best.

Game May Be Updated

The games are often updated, especially the new ones. So, the tier list that you’re able to see now might be changed later on according to the new players launched in the game. I’ll keep updating the list whenever a new update comes out.

Everything regarding the gundam evolution tier list has been elaborated to you. Next, let’s take a look at some of the questions you may have.


1) Is Gundam Evolution playable?

Yes, it’s the best game to play. There are over 17 characters that you can play the game with. Also, the game is challenging, which increases its appeal even more.

2) Is Gundam Evolution free?

Yes, Gundam Evolution is completely free to play. The Gundam Evolution game doesn’t require you to buy anything.

How Many Players Are In Gundam Evolution?

Gundam is a brand-new game that debuted on September 22, 2022. So, there are around 17 characters in this game. 

Since the game is new, you can expect the number of players to increase in the future. After receiving feedback from players, some updates will be made to the game.

Now, it’s time to rank all of these 17 players to find out the weakest and strongest ones so that you may not end up choosing a weak player.

Final Words!

So, these were the Gundam evolution tier lists that you’ve read about. Now, you can easily decide which character is the best to play the game with. I’ve told you about all the weakest and strongest players in the game.

That’s all I had for you in this article. If you have any questions related to the topic, please let me know in the comment section below.