Do you want to get on the Path to Nowhere tier list? If yes, then this article will provide you with only that. Also in this article, you’ll learn about all of the characters in the game.

Are you new to Path to Nowhere? Then you must be wondering about the different characters in the games and their powers and roles. 

There are different powers available to the characters in this game. Some characters have greater power than others. 

Thus, it’s crucial for you to know about all of their powers and the roles of the sinners in the game so that you can choose the best character for yourself.

This is why I am providing you with a “path to nowhere tier list”, in this post.  All of the game’s characters will be ranked in this list based on their special powers and jobs. This way, it’ll be easier for you to decide which hero is the best to go for.

Let’s get to the point without getting late.

Path To Nowhere/ A Quick Overview

Path to Nowhere is an SRPG (Simulation Role Playing Game)  game that was recently launched on October 27, 2022.   

The game is available on both the Google play store and the iOS Store. You can download it from both of them.

You’ll be amazed to know that on its first day of launch, the game has crossed 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Isn’t that amazing? Path to Nowhere is a Gacha game created by AISNOGames. Keeping order in your city is your responsibility in this game, and you’re responsible for hunting down and killing any local criminals.

Enemies look like zombies in this game because a meteorite infected the town. So, you’ll have to encounter all of these enemies to save your and other people’s lives in the town. 

Different Roles Of Characters of Path To Nowhere

There are different types of roles in the Path to Nowhere game. Each character in the game holds a different job, which is important for you to know about. 

So, I’m going to tell you about all the roles that are given to the characters in this game. So, let’s dive in. 

  • Endura: These are the tanks in the game. A powerful strike can be resisted by these due to their strong defences.
  • Fury: These are included in the fighter class. Thanks to their powerful offensive strength, they can completely destroy an opponent in a couple of blows.
  • Umbra: The class is capable of traversing the field quickly. As a result of their tremendous mobility, they have an advantage over their opponents.
  • Reticle: Archers are the game’s archer class. Your attackers can finish off the adversary by making a ranged attack and weakening them.
  • Arcane: Explosive damage is dealt to the adversaries by these offenders. It is possible to one-shot enemies when they spawn.
  • Catalyst: Catalysts are the game’s supporters. Boosting or healing the team is what they do.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the different types of characters’ roles in Path to Nowhere. 

I’ll mention the role along with the character’s name and rank. I hope that now it’ll be easier for you to identify what the character is good at. Right? So, let’s rank the tiers now.

Path To Nowhere Tier List- Ranking

Now, it’s time to rank the Path to Nowhere tiers. The five ranks we’ll rank the characters with are,  Tier S, Tier A, Tier B, Tier C, and Tier D. 

All of the characters of the game fall in these ranks according to their abilities and powers. So, let’s talk about each of the ranks and see which one holds the most powerful or the weakest characters in the game.


The sinners in this rank provide some of the highest base numbers, as well as some of the best skills and abilities. These sinners are capable of realising their full potential without the assistance of other sinners. Typically, they form the basis of team compositions.

The Heros In Tier S- Rank

Character NameRankRolePowers
NoxFuryThis sinner has Shields upon shields. A cone-shaped shield can be generated for days by him, even for allies.
BaiyiUmbraShe Permanently reduces enemies’ defences and gains more attacks the more she kills


Sinners in rank A also come with great base stats but with fewer abilities. You’ll need to do some sort of setup to get the most out of them. Also, most of their main functions are locked, and thus, you’ll have to unlock them to use them. 

So, this isn’t a good thing. This is the reason most of the A-Tire Sinners are helping members with different types of compositions. Tier A includes the following characters:

The Heros In Tier A- Rank

Character NameRankRolePowers
ZoyaAFuryWith a passive that increases her attack speed, she is capable of delivering true damage
CracheAUmbraHer special deals tremendous AoE damage at the cost of not blocking any enemies
Luvia RayAArcaneUsing a passive approach, she focuses on Normal Attacks, whose attacks can bounce off enemies
AerialACatalystWith the same healing abilities as Hamel, but with a much lower output, she is also capable of dealing damage.

Tier B

In this tier, sinners have average stats and starting skills. The effectiveness and utility of these dolls substantially reduce after midgame, so using them after that time is not recommended. Below are the characters included in Tire B.

The Heros In Tier B- Rank

Character NameRankRolePowers
CheBFuryAmong the few magical attacking furies that can break the enemy’s core shield and deal AoE magical damage over time to chip away at enemy health
WendyBFuryA crazy woman with a passive ability that ploughs huge burst damage
IgnisBArcaneHer burn debuff not only deals damage over time but also prevents any healing from occurring
MacchiatoBArcaneIn terms of budget, she is the equivalent of Ariel and Hamel, but she can only heal one target with a decent range.
AnneBCatalystHer healing range is wide, but she cannot recover energy while performing her special powers
FloraReticleBy doing more normal attacks, she gains an increase in crit rate at the cost of her attack speed

Tier C-

The heroes that fall in the rank of C aren’t so powerful. I mean, if you want to do some sort of challenges in the game, then they may not be so helpful to you as they don’t have so many powers. 

However, just to get the information, I’ve mentioned all of the characters that fall in C tire with their roles. 

The Heros In Tier C- Rank

Character NameRankRolePowers
ChameleonCCatalystYou can exchange her healing capabilities for a buff to a single ally’s attack speed
FoxCCatalystIn exchange for his healing abilities, he will reduce allies’ damage
SumireCUmbraShe works better when enemies are directly in front of her because her kit deals extra damage when enemies are directly in front of her.
WolverineCUmbraA utility sniper who stuns enemies with traps he sets

Tier D- 

On the path to nowhere tier list, the d is the lowest and weakest rank. In this category, I do not recommend choosing any heroes. 

You won’t enjoy the game so much if they have limited powers. Tier D characters fall into this category as shown in the table below with their rank and role.

The Heros In Tier D- Rank

Character NameRankRolePowers
GekkabijinDReticleShe can store charges for her special attacks, but she only deals decent damage
LisaDReticleThe only thing she can do is slow down enemies around her, but she doesn’t have much else to offer

So, these are the Path to nowhere tiers. I ranked all of the characters according to their powers and roles. Now that you know who’s strong and who’s weak, you can easily decide which sinner you should choose in the game. 

Remember one thing! As stated earlier, the path to nowhere is a new game. In October 2022, it was launched for the first time. 

So, the tier lists that I’ve provided you with are the most recent ones. The developers of the game may make changes to the game in the future. They may include or exclude any character from the tire list.

Nevertheless, we will keep updating this article as the game is updated. Don’t worry. So, now I guess everything regarding the tire list of paths to nowhere has been completed. 

The time has come for me to answer some frequently asked questions. So, let’s do that quickly.


Tier’s are better than Tier A? ’

Yes, tire S is far better than tire A in terms of its features and powers. There are a lot of functions locked in the A tire that you have to unblock before using, which isn’t good at all. Most of the Tire S’s features, however, are unlocked.

2) What was the genesis of the path to nowhere?

There is a release date of “October 27, 2022” listed on Path to Nowhere’s social media pages. The Google Play Store and iOS App Store will offer Path to Nowhere as a free-to-play game with in-game microtransactions.

What is the PC version of Path to Nowhere?

With the powerful Android emulator LDPlayer 9, you can run Path to Nowhere on your large computer screen. In AISNO Games’ Path to Nowhere, you must deal with some real-time tower defense strategies in order to learn about the Bureau of Crisis Control.

Final Words!

So, these were path-to-nowhere tier lists according to the sinner’s powers, roles, and ranks. I hope you are now acquainted with all of the game’s characters. 

You can now easily tell which character is the best to go after and which one isn’t. Moreover, if there is any confusion about this topic, you can get it cleared up by letting me know about it in the comment section. I’d love to help you out.


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