Memento Mori Tier List / All of The Characters Are Ranked!

Memento Mori tier list

Do you want to get a full Memento Mori tier list in which all of the characters and their powers are ranked? Then this article is the way to go.

Are you planning to play the memento mori game? Then you must have a memento mori tier list. Because, in the tier list, all of the characters are mentioned along with their powers and weaknesses. 

This way, it’ll get easier for you to decide which character you should include in your team.

I’ve ranked all memento Mori tier characters in this article so you can see who’s best and who’s not.

In light of the fact that this article is beneficial to you, please take the time to read it to the end. In order not to get late, let’s move on to our topic.

What’s Memento Mori?

Memento Mori is an auto-RPG with a musical theme. In the game, you assemble a team of heroes, then send them out into the world to engage in combat. There is no need for your presence during battles since they are automatically triggered. 

Regardless of whether you play or not, your team will still advance without you. The adventure allows you to get to know each character through their unique histories and personalities.

What Is A Tier List?

Some of you might not even know what a tire list is. So, the tire list is a list of those players that you can unlock in a Gocha game. 

In simple words, in the tier list, all of the players are ranked in 5 different tiers, which are Tire S, Tire A, Tire B, Tire C, and Tired. What do these tiers indicate? To find out the answer, we’ll have to look over each tire individually. So, let’s do that.

All Tires Powers!


Tire S is considered to have the best rank on the tire list. In this rank, all of the players are the best and worth adding to your memorial party. Levelling up and gaining access to equipment should also be made possible through them.

These characters are listed below in the tire list. These are the best characters to use when playing the game.

Name Of The CharacterRankPower
LibraSLibra is an archer who frequently appears in enemy formations for good reason. Libra may be an effective assassin and attack opener for her squad, as her nuke always hits the targets with the lowest HP, as well as a party-wide DEF debuff that debuffs all enemies for 65%.
IllyaSIn addition to having a strong will, Illya is brave as well. It is admirable how strong she is and how she won’t give up when faced with a challenge.
OliviaSThe Blessing of Courage is Olivia’s first practical ability. It targets all friends and grants them 2-turn-long attacks and defence enhancements.
SkuldSSkuld is a good character who can only focus on one enemy at a time. All of her power is used to kill only a single enemy which isn’t so good. So, compared to other characters, Skuld isn’t so good. 
LR FreesiaSWith Final Tempest, Freesia’s first active skill, she deals 280% magical damage to 3 randomly selected moves with every hit. Her second active ability, Flowers of Eden, restores the HP of three teammates with the lowest HP percentage.
PetraSIt boosts attack power with a high multiplier. To maximise, you’ll need a lot of HP. There is a big ATK buff that scales with increasing HP.


Whenever your party does not have enough S-tier characters or you haven’t unlocked enough of them, you can use these characters to fill in the gaps. Identifying which of these people can strengthen your party’s weaknesses requires research.

Name Of The CharacterRankPowers
ChernaACherna has a multi-hit assault, but its multiplier is a pitiful 230%. It may be somewhat lessened by applying at least her bleed and stun procs, even at lower numbers, but not by much. If you were wondering, her stun + bleed proc is indeed based on chance and only affects one unlucky target. 
RosalieARosalie, who hails from the witches’ country, carries an antiquated staff. She may have information that will benefit your experience.
IrisAYou can count on Iris for reliable assistance. Her protection during the Witch Hunt is greatly appreciated.
ArianrhodADespite being a warrior, Arianrhod performs better in supporting roles. Though her ATK debuff works well, Arianrhod’s ATK must be lower than her targets for the debuff to be reliable. Therefore, you should keep her ATK low. Since her first talent gains a 50% multiplier if it attacks an adversary with a debuff, she may even benefit from this.
SoteiraASoteira won’t receive any rewards for defeating opponents, even though her first skill hit 8 targets. The speed debuff she applies always targets the fastest enemy and is a guaranteed debuff, despite only being applied to one enemy.
ZaraAZara, a black-haired Warrior who wields a sword and is very accessible, is comparable to Illya in this respect. However, Zara has a better kit for charging in and dealing damage than Illya. Although her stun isn’t 100% like Illya’s, it may still be very good at 70% if you feel like challenging the dice. Her second skill reduces speed as well.


B tire is also a good category of players, but it doesn’t contain as many good characters compared to the S and A categories. 

However, characters in this category can help you a lot at the start of your game when you usually don’t have S and A characters unlocked. So, it’s okay to use Tire B characters at the start. And when you start unlocking the good characters, you can switch to them.

Name Of The CharacterRankPowers
AmourBAn aristocratic family’s daughter, Amour, is focused on the fantastical aspects of life since all she wants is a happily-ever-after. Having lost her magic due to the heartbreak she suffered at the hands of her fiance, she is now trying to regain it.
FenrirBDespite being separated due to a terrible incident, Fenrir makes great efforts to take care of Cerberus. In order to continue and save her sibling, she gains bravery.
MerlynBA sad event caused Merlyn, often known as the Witch of the Deep Forest, to lose her master. She lives by herself and avoids social interaction. She might eventually learn how to hire an apprentice.
BelleBIn revenge for the witch who destroyed her orphanage, Belle resolved to exact revenge on her adoptive parents. There were some startling realities that she wasn’t prepared for.


Characters in C and D tiers are only differentiated by the fact that C-tier characters have specialised applications from time to time. There may be a particular game mode in which they excel or they might start out exceptionally strong. A late-game celebration shouldn’t include them.

Name Of The CharacterRankPowers
IllyaCYou receive Illya as your first unit in Memento Mori, and that’s about it. Although she has a skill that comes with a guaranteed stun, the random targeting severely limits its utility. Illya’s attack would be most effective against enemies with the highest ATK, but she can also hit the support instead. Illya needs to be replaced as soon as possible because of this.


In simple words, the Tire D rank is the lowest and most degraded rank of the tyre list. No character is so powerful in this rank.

Thus, I don’t recommend you opt for any of the characters from the Tire-Das; it’ll make you lose all the matches. However, if you must have to use them, then you can use them, but try to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Name Of The CharacterRankPowers
LokiDLoki isn’t such a good character. It doesn’t come with multi-hitting options either.
TheodoraDIt is safe to say that Theodora is a decent wizard without any major flaws. If you’re looking for someone to constantly chip away at the healthiest enemy hero, she’s your girl. There is no doubt that her talents are quite powerful. Due to her innate Debuff accuracy boost, Theodora can actually increase the DEF debuff to 70% with investment.

So, these are the memento mori tier lists. I’ve also mentioned the powers of the characters so that you can easily find out which one you should go for and which one you shouldn’t. 

I guess everything about the topic has now been discussed. Time for me to answer a few of your frequently asked questions. Let’s get that done quickly.


What does memento mori mean?

The Latin phrase Memento Mori means remember you must die.

Is Memento Mori a good game?

Play Memento Mori if you enjoy “Visual Novel” games with calm gameplay, beautiful stories, a great soundtrack, and amazing 2D artwork.

Final Words

Now you’re aware of all of the characters and their powers in the Memoria Mori game. I’m sure that the Memento Mori tier list that I’ve provided you with is good enough for you to decide which character you should include in your team.

Still, if you have any questions related to the topic, you can leave them down below. I’d love to help you out.