“Grounded” is a survival and adventure game developed by Obsidian Entertainment that was released in 2021. In the game, players get a chance to explore the interface by getting small in size. The interface offers you resources and creates a shelter to survive in a backyard that has been turned into a vast and dangerous wilderness.

In “Grounded,” the Moss Key is a unique gaming item that can be found in the game world. It is used to unlock the entrance to the underground research facility, which is a location that can be found in the western part of the backyard.

Here we will state some most significant facts about the mossy key grounded to make your gaming experience even better and more adventurous. Find the details below.

Location – How to Find?

To find the Moss Key in the survival “grounded” game, you will need to explore the game world and look for it in hidden locations or the possession of certain enemies. It is a rare spawn, so finding it may take some time and effort. Some players have had luck finding the key by searching for it in the underground tunnels and the possession of spiders.

Remember that the key is a rare and valuable item that may take work. However, if you are persistent and explore the game world thoroughly, you may eventually find it.

There is no specific location where the Moss-Key can be found, as it is a randomly spawning item. To find the most key in the ground, you must have some of the necessary equipment, that includes,

  • Helmets
  • Fin flops
  • Spear
  • Slime lantern

Craft these elements and begin the process of searching in the in-game experience. With this equipment, the player should move to the Koi Pond area and dive into the water safely. When the player dives into the water, the player will notice a rising water bubble around it. This water will rise from the pipe. Being a player, you have to follow the path of this pipe vertically downward. When you reach the pipe’s end, the T-Rex will be sunken. When you get underwater, you must follow up the supporting pillars in the northwest direction until a cave hits you.

The cave appears there is lit up by the lamps, and the player will also notice some of the cables running through it. Move to the back wall of the cave. The wall contains a white color pipe, and behind it is a hidden path. This is the final step of reaching the moss key. Dive along this passage, and at the end of this path, and you will find the things you are looking for – the moss key.

While following this path and passages, the player is not alone to move around. You will face various enemies that will stop you from reaching the final destination. You have to encounter all the enemies to reach the moss key.

 It is fact-based game action, so if the player faces any oxygen depletion issue in the underwater experience, it is better to seek help from the sunken lab at the start of the cave.


The key is the only source available to find BURG.L Chip Sunken Outpost in Grounded. In the innermost depth of Koi Pond, a treasure is embedded for the player who has only access when you have the moss key. Thus, to find the key grounded, you must know the precise way to do it.

When you have the mossy key grounded, use the key to open the chest. As stated above, inside the chest, you will find the BURG.L Chip, especially for Sunken Outpost. Through this outpost, you can unlock upgrades and further gaming enhancement, for even more realistic performance.

The performances of upgradation involve,

  • Upgradation of Fin Flops
  • Diving Lantern Upgradation
  • Splatbrust Recipes

Final Statement

Things are simple to regulate when getting in the notice. You have to be familiar with the essential operation. If you have an interest in the Grounded experience. It is better to get a fine understating of all the minors to get a more concise experience.

We have tried to elaborate on the key grounded concept for you. It was one of the most renowned gaming experiences available for PC, Xbox One series, along with the X-series for the user’s convenience.

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